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Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG

MSRP: $2,311.25

OUR PRICE: $1,745.00

You Save: 24.5%

Manufacturer: Bionet
Model: CardioTouch 3000

The EKG Machine Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG from Bionet is a high-end EKG that comes with an in-built 12 channel data acquisition system and a high resolution touch-screen 320x240 LCD monitor. Real-time monitoring of the data trends for up to three channels can be done simultaneously. There are around 85 kinds of interpretation results displayed in the Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG and these results are based on the advanced Minnesota code that is an enhanced interpretation algorithm. The EKG machine also comes with the filing software EKGPlus for efficient storage and management of the patient information. 4-year warranty.

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