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Bionet Cardio7 Interpretive ECG Machine (WiFi, Flash Drive & BMS-Plus Software)

The Cardio7 is a reliable interpretive, resting ECG machine operation. It is easy through the large 7 inch color TFT LCD...

Bionet Cardio7-S Interpretive ECG, Spirometer, WiFi & Flash Drive with BMS

Combining a 12-channel interpretive resting ECG with spirometery. The Bionet Cardio7-S provides a convenient two in one ...

Bionet Cardio7-S Interpretive ECG, Spirometer, WiFi, DICOM 3.0 & Flash Drive with BMS Software

Combining a 12-channel interpretive resting ECG with spirometery. The Bionet Cardio7-S provides a convenient two in one ...

Bionet Cardio7-S Interpretive ECG and Spirometer with Touch Screen

Combining a 12-channel interpretive resting ECG with spirometery. The Bionet Cardio7-S provides a convenient two in one ...

Bionet CardioCare 2000 Interpretive EKG

The Bionet CardioCare 2000 Interpretive EKG machine is small and inexpensive yet does not compromise on performance. ...

Bionet Interpretive EKG Machine

The Bionet Interpretive EKG from the manufacturer Bionet is renowned for its high functionality, unbeatable price, pe...

Bionet Refurbished EKG Machine

The Bionet EKG is a resting EKG machine that interprets multi channel data from up to 12 input leads. It uses the adv...

Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG

The EKG Machine Bionet Cardiotouch 3000 EKG from Bionet is a high-end EKG that comes with an in-built 12 channel data...

Bionet CardioTouch 3000-S Interpretive ECG and Spirometer with Touch Screen

The Bionet CardioTouch3000-S combines a 12-channel interpretive resting ECG with a spirometer. ECG and spirometry report...

Bionet EKG Paper (10 Rolls)

Insure the maximum output for the minimum of effort by using Bionet EKG Paper for Bionet CardioCare and Cardio Touch EKG...

Bionet Plus II Software

Bionet Plus II Software enables you to streamline your EKG data by expanding your capability to review and manage inform...

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There are few businesses that can be considered as important as healthcare suppliers. Medical supply companies provide doctors and hospitals the tools that they need to help diagnose patients and save lives. Bionet specializes in cardiac testing equipment which is a very important area of medical supply. Cardiac equipment measures the vital heart rhythms like the ECG machine that measures the electrical impulses sent out by the heart to the body. Bionet has a history of providing the best medical equipment available for the heart and continues to research and develop equipment to provide better patient care as well as increase the accuracy of readings and results.

Bionet was first established in 1999 and launched its 12 channel ECG in early 2000. Bionet comes from Seoul, Korea, but has the subsidiary Bionet America Inc. that was established in 2002. This development met with huge success and let the company continue to research and develop improvements on its technology as well as develop new medical tools to be put to use. Since 1999, Bionet has made significant improvements and expansions on its product line. It has branched out from the ECG machine, but still manufactures a few cutting edge ECH machines. It has expanded and developed machines that monitor and test patients and even fetuses. The current Bionet product line has many pieces of equipment for both medical and veterinary practices.

The primary line of Bionet still features ECG machines. Bionet currently offers two ECG models which are the CardioTouch 3000 and the CardioCare 2000. The CardioTouch 3000 has a large LCD touchscreen display to operate as well as fast and accurate printing. The CardioTouch also can interpret results and store 120 ECG readings in its internal flash memory. The CardioCare 2000 ECG machine is built for use in private practice, ERs and hospitals. This model has over 80 kinds of interpretation for the readings that it gathers and prints results on A4 size paper for storage.

In addition to the top of the line ECG machines offered by Bionet, it has vital monitors and fetal monitors as well. The BM3 Plus vital monitor keeps track of a patient\\'s vital signs including respiration and temperature as well as heart rate. The fetus monitors are the most advanced in the business. There are two models, the FC 1400 and the FC 700. These monitors can detect fetal heart rates and store images and are designed to be easier to use.

In addition to the line of medical equipment, Bionet has developed vital monitors for veterinary use. The current models include the BM5Vet, the BM3Vet and the BM1Vet. Products by Bionet are available worldwide and meet FDA standards for use in the United States. Shipping of the products is done worldwide to provide anyone with the medical equipment that is needed. Bionet is dedicated to making the highest quality medical products to improve patient care and treatment. Doctors and hospitals around the globe can benefit from the ECGs and monitors from Bionet.