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Midmark IQclassic EKG Machine

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Midmark IQ EKG Machine

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Midmark IQflex EKG Machine

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Established in 1915, Midmark Corporation is a top manufacturer of medical, dental and veterinary healthcare equipment. The company has its headquarters in Versailles, Ohio, with offices in Italy, United Kingdom, France and India. The experts behind Midmark Corporation are committed to develop quality products that allow healthcare professionals to achieve performance and increase efficiency.

The company offers a full line of products for the medical, dental and veterinary industry. Midmark Corporation offers the most efficient sterilizers on the market, as well as award winning medical software and dental operatories made to the highest quality standards. The company uses an innovative production system to create revolutionary products at an affordable price.

Customers who buy medical equipment from Midmark Corporation have access to a large number of resources, instructional videos and planning tools. The line of products is very diverse and includes barrier-free examination tables designed to increase a patient's comfort during the exam, automatic sterilizers featuring self-program controls large chambers for increased capacity and LED exam lights that last up to 50,000 hours and consume up to 67 percent less energy than other similar products.

The company caters to gynecologists, pediatricians, plastic surgeons, cardiologists and veterinarians. For dermatologists, Midmark Corporation offers medical equipment that supports routine screening examinations and surgeries, including treatment tables with an 850-pound weight capacity, ergonomic hand control and adjustable arm system. Most products are available in a variety of colors such as navy, black, clay and dusty blue.

Midmark Corporation caters to plastic surgeons as well, providing modular casework systems with self-cleaning ball bearing glides and durable surface, mobile treatment carts featuring a sleek design and minor surgery lights offering unsurpassed shadow control. Dentists have access to a premium selection of medical devices and operatory packages. They can purchase oral surgery chairs designed to enhance the patient's comfort and support proper posture, surgical vacuums featuring an optional exhaust manifold and dentist's stools with waterfall front edges, contoured seat and optional armrests.

The company manufactures and supplies veterinary equipment, including anesthesia machines, induction chambers and monitoring systems. These products use award winning technologies and are designed to save energy and money. Customers can buy adjustable height lift tables with removable hair traps and HD multi-parameter monitors that measure body temperature, ECG, pulse and blood pressure. The monitors developed by Midmark Corporation feature a high definition screen, a built-in printer, high and low alarms and two temperature channels. For each product, the company provides a detailed description, specifications, documentation, images and matching accessories.

Midmark Corporation has a special department where health care professionals can find medical equipment at discount prices. The company offers rebates of up to $600 on automatic sterilizers, surgery lights and sterilizers for veterinary use. Customers have full access to a technical library offering comprehensive information about Midmark Corporation's medical devices. They can also read brochures about the company's history, mission and values. Health care professionals who are interested in the products offered by this company can attend local tradeshows.