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Burdick Generic Paper Pad For Eclipse LE Series

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Burdick 8300 EKG Machine

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Burdick 8500 EKG Machine

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Burdick Atria 3000 EKG Machine

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Burdick Atria 3100 EKG with EMR Connectivity

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Burdick Atria 6100 with EMR Connectivity

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Burdick Eclipse E10-1AE17 Premiere EKG Machine

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Burdick E350 EKG Machine

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*Used* BURDICK Eclipse Plus EKG

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Burdick Eclipse 800 EKG Machine

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Burdick Eclipse 850 EKG Machine

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Burdick EK10 EKG Machine

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Burdick Elite II Interpretive EKG

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The heart is one of the most important organs in the human body. A disruption or disorder in it may mean death. Cardiac Science Company has understood this fact. That is why in 1913 Burdick and Anderson established the Burdick Company. This company has managed to be a leader in electrocardiograph (ECG) technology and has been a favorite among health practitioners.

It was in 1991 when Cardiac Science, formerly known as Burdick, created software called RHYTMx, the purpose of which is to analyze heart rhythms. This served as the ancestor of the modern automatic defibrillator, usually located at the patient's bedside.

The main office of Burdick is located in Bothell, Washington. Since this company is trying to reach out to as many people as it can, it has headquarters situated in different areas around the globe. There are offices in Denmark, United Kingdom, France, Belgium, China and Germany. Citizens from other countries may contact Burdick through email.

As for the product line, Burdick boasts of first rate defibrillators, ECGs, stress testers, diagnostic workstations, Holter systems, cardiac rehab machines, data management and connectivity machines as well as other accessories and supplies.

Burdick's defibrillators are simple and reliable. Burdick created the Powerheart Automated External Defibrillator (AED) - G3 Plus, G3 Pro, G3 and G3 Trainer. All the components of these defibrillators were tested to ensure quality and safety for the patients and health practitioners. These can even be used in different places - gym, library, school, airports and other public places.

Burdick also takes pride in its ECG machines. Definitely, Burdick ECG systems can cater to any hospital anywhere in the world. These ECG systems make use of Glasgow algorithm (GRI) which ensures accuracy in clinical readings. Burdick 8500 and 8300 ECG equipment are convenient for those who will be using them because the ECG records can now be exported to network drives or USB. They can also be used without any complicated instructions. In fact, there are tips or suggestions that can be accessed on-screen. Lastly, Burdick ECG devices are famous for their durability. If you are a clinician, you will surely prefer something that will not fail you for a long time.

Burdick also has a machine called HeartStride, a cardiac stress testing unit. Those who have used this already can attest that this is user-friendly. It has a feature which highlights the next step that you should do when testing for stress. With HeartStride, repetition of tests is prevented because of how accurate the readings are. All heartbeats are recorded even if there are some disruptions in the process.

Monitoring is essential in giving the utmost care to the patients. Burdick agrees with this. It has developed a Holter system - Vision Premier Holter, Vision Holter and Digital Holter recorders. The heartbeats recorded are guaranteed 99.95% accurate. Once the reading is done, the heartbeat will be classified right away; thus, doctors will find it easier to make a judgment as to the health condition of the patient.