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Cardioline AR2100 EKG Machine

When it comes to an affordable, portable yet state-of-the-art EKG machine, the Cardioline AR2100 EKG Machine is ackno...

Cardioline AR 600 ADV EKG Machine

Known for quality, the Cardioline AR 600 ADV EKG machine features exceptional flexibility in a portable EKG machine. EKG...

Cardioline ar1200 Portable ECG Machine with Interpretation

The ar1200 ecg machine is a lightweight, portable unit that can adapt to nearly any requirement. It comes with a high-re...

Cardioline AR1200viewBT EKG Machine

With its user-friendly interface, the Cardioline AR1200viewBT EKG machine can be trusted to provide the ultimate in fast...

Cardioline AR2100adv EKG Machine

The Cardioline AR2100adv EKG Machine offers reliable performance and versatility through many upgrade options. This EKG ...

Cardioline ar2100view Portable ECG Machine with Interpretation

The Cardioline ar2100view ECG machine is a popular choice among physicians for its 210 mm printer, 12 channel color disp...

Cardioline AR2100viewBT EKG Machine

The Cardioline AR2100viewBT EKG machine offers trustworthy and clear readings with a user-friendly interface along with ...

Cardioline ar600 Portable ECG Machine with Interpretation

The Cardioline ar600 is an affordable, yet reliable, entry-level ecg machine. It comes equipped with an internal recharg...

Cardioline ClickECG EKG

Cardioline ClickECG EKG is an ECG acquisition unit that transmits ECG data to the computer through a USB connection on a...

Cardioline ClickECGBT EKG

The Cardioline ClickECGBT EKG machine is built to satisfy the patient and technician. The use of wireless Bluetooth acce...

Cardioline Delta 1 EKG Machine

The Cardioline Delta 1 EKG Machine offers reliability, accuracy and toughness at an affordable price. Cardioline, an ...

Cardioline Delta 60 PLUS Interpretive EKG

The Cardioline Delta 60 PLUS Interpretive EKG is an impressive display of EKG machine technology featuring a high-res...

Cardioline Elan EKG Machine

The Cardioline Elan EKG machine features a large LCD screen which can display three, six or 12 leads. The high resolutio...

Cardioline Elan1100 EKG Machine

The Cardioline Elan1100 EKG machine is a quality digital electrocardiograph featuring FIR linear filters which are desig...

Cardioline Microtel Portable WIreless 12 Lead EKG Machine with Bluetooth

The Microtel acts as a PC-based wireless EKG with bluetooth connectivity or as a standablone unit. It can run off of sta...

Cardioline RealClick EKG

Cardioline RealClick EKG is easy to use with its 12-lead mode. Realclick was designed to set up vacuum electrodes that a...

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Cardioline has been manufacturing EKG machines and medical equipment since 1949. The company is dedicated to offering technologically advanced cardiac devices that are easy to use and have an affordable price. The line of products includes cardiovascular diagnostic equipment, Holters, and portable electrocardiographs for individual family practitioners, hospitals and veterinary facilities. Customers who are interested in the medical instruments manufactured by Cardioline can contact independent resellers and distributors that represent the company throughout the United States.

With over 60 years of experience, Cardioline has its headquarters in San Diego, California. The company's mission is to develop quality medical equipment for noninvasive cardiovascular diagnostics. The products manufactured by Cardioline incorporate the latest technologies, offering maximum performance and efficiency. Customers who buy EKG machines and medical instruments from Cardioline benefit from technical support, warranty service and repairs. If you need help when shopping for cardiac devices, you can contact the medical equipment specialists who work for the company.

Cardioline offers the best cardiology equipment in the US. Customers have access to a premium line of medical devices such as resting EKG machines with a user friendly interface, digital Holter recorders that can be easily connected to a PC, and ambulatory blood pressure monitoring recorders featuring an ergonomic design.

The company specializes in medical software as well, offering innovative programs for computerized management of ECG examinations and stress tests. These systems feature an intuitive user interface and monitors that show the ECG trace in real time. The computerized programs developed by Cardioline allow users to keep the patient's global historical examination data available online.

The Cardioline CubeHolter is one of the most innovative systems developed by this company. This flexible work tool uses high performance algorithms to perform morphology analysis, arrhythmia analysis and ST segment analysis.

The company provides a complete line of EKG machines for health care professionals. The Cardioline RealClick represents the simplest solution for PC based electrocardiography. This medical device allows cardiologists to analyze, save and print tests online. The Cardioline ar2100adv ECG features an infrared digital interface and PC archive options. This device combines multiple levels of performance in one unit, which helps improve the quality of diagnosis.

In addition to EKG machines and software, Cardioline manufactures digital Holters. The Cardioline ClickHolter offers maximum comfort to the patient and it can be easily connected to any computer thanks to the USB connection interface. The Cardioline Walk400BT is one of the most effective digital Holter recorders on the market, featuring a voice diary and wide color display. The device enables users to transfer data to a PC through Bluetooth wireless technology. With the Cardioline Walk400BT, cardiologists can easily monitor the position of the patient sitting, standing and reclining.

Cardioline is an industry leading manufacturer and distributor of cardiology equipment. The experts who work for this company are committed to deliver innovative solutions to the cardiology community. The products featured by Cardioline are made to the highest quality standards and incorporate the latest advancements in cardiac research.