Cardiovit AT-102 Plus EKG Machine with WiFi

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Cardiovit AT-102 Plus EKG Machine with WiFi


Manufacturer: Schiller
Model: 9.075000CW

A 12-channel interpretive ECG includes standard 12 lead patient cable. Feedback by users from all over the world has been incorporated in the new CARDIOVIT AT-102 plus with WiFi. Meets newest FAA standards for EKG report submission! (FAA Class I Physicals).

The AT-102 Plus with wifiThis EKG machine is intuitive, easy-to-use with full keyboard and direct function keys and has high resolution 8.4” TFT colour screen for a clear presentation of all 12 ECG traces. It also offers ECG print preview and full 8.5" x 11" printouts on internal printer.

The AT-102 enables data transfer to PC for storage of both resting ECGs and spirometry recordings via Ethernet and has the ability of DICOM, HL7 ECG waveform export, and PDF export. It includes a wireless and wired LAN connection.

Standard accessories include a 12-lead patient cable, 10 snap clip adapters, 500 disposable electrodes, 1 pack of paper, power cable, user manual and 3-year warranty.

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