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CP150 with Spirometry (Interpretation)

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Manufacturer: Welch Allyn
Model: CP150AS-1ENB

The Welch Allyn CP150 with added spirometry and interpretation! Combine simplicity with speed using a unique, 7" touch-screen display and keyboard to improve accuracy. Take quick ECG readings with the touch of a button. And with a range of advanced connectivity features, help improve your practice workflow by sending, managing, and sharing patient data with systems inside or outside your facility.

*Meets newest FAA standards for EKG report submission! (FAA Class I Physicals)
*Minimize repeat ECGs with superior ease-of-use and accuracy.
*Lead quality tester checks for misplaced lead connections.
*On-screen prompts guide staff through a test, saving time and reducing training.
*Integrated touch-screen keyboard minimizes errors in entering patient information.
*Instant-on feature powers device up quickly, allowing immediate reports.
*Store up to 100 test results in system memory or transfer to USB memory stick.
*Battery operation enables easy machine transport.
*USB and Ethernet connectivity allows you to send, manage and share patient data, improving practice workflow.
*Optional mobile office cart for easy machine transport, or hospital cart with more increased durability and two fixed brakes.

*Performs FVC and pre/post bronchodilator testing with automatic interpretation and reversibility analysis.
*Improve test quality and patient coaching with on-screen quality messages and variability checks.
*Performs spirometry tests typically required for health and safety purposes including ATS and NIOSH
*Integrated ambient sensors eliminate the need for the user to find and enter values for temperature, pressure and humidity.

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