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Dr. Lee EKG Machine

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From the very start, Dr. John Lee believed there was something harmful in women taking synthetic hormones. Women take synthetic hormones in a process known as Hormone Replacement Therapy. Not only did Dr. Lee find out that these hormones did not work as predicted, he offered women another solution: natural hormone replacement. This process is much healthier for a woman's body.

In 1999, Dr. Lee published his first book and wrote at least eight more until his death in 2003. These books covered topics such as pre-menopause, menopause, breast cancer, and hormone balance. He also recorded many of his books on tape and CD and sells them on the Santa Rosa, California-based website dedicated to his research. Most importantly, though, Dr. Lee sells hormone tests in order to help women follow the process he suggests.

The hormone tests come in two forms: saliva hormone level testing and blood spot tests. These are both hormone tests that do not require you to visit a lab or take embarrassing tests. Instead, you can check the level of your hormones from the convenience of your home. With the former test, you basically spit and then send it in the mail to be tested. Blood tests come with directions on how to obtain a sample; you also send this away in the mail to be analyzed.

You can choose for your blood to be tested for a variety of hormones, depending on what you are looking for. For example, you can take a thyroid blood test if you primarily want to determine the health of your thyroid. By reading one of Dr. Lee's books or listening to his audio recordings, you can determine for yourself what type of hormone you need to be testing for. The best part is that your results will be faxed to you within one day of your blood test being received.

Dr. Lee also sells his highly touted Progesterone Cream, ProgesterAll. This cream was developed and used by Dr. Lee and his family. What you must take into consideration when using this cream, though, is that although there is a recommended dosage, you must adjust that dosage to your individual need. Carefully read the instructions on the packaging and read Dr. Lee's instructions about how much to use for different situations. Dr. Lee encourages you to call the manufacturer to determine a correct dosage if you still remain unsure about how much to use.

A variety of other Dr. Lee approved products are also available, not necessarily having to do with hormone balance. These products were developed by leading scientists to combat all kinds of problems. There is a crib mattress pad to help prevent SIDS and a Dr. Gauss meter to detect environmental illness. You can also buy a fertility detector and a test to see if your drinking water is contaminated. Dr. Lee's website is informative and helpful, providing products to consumers who have benefited from his ideas and teachings.