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3 Channel Wide Screen ECG Interpretation

The 3 Channel Wide Screen EKG Interpretation from EDAN is a solid EKG machine for any doctors office or medical facility...

12 Channel EKG Machine with interpretation

The 12 Channel EKG Machine with interpretation (Model# 02-43-9010N) is a powerful EKG machine for small clinics and doct...

Edan 601-B Multi-Channel EKG

With a larger screen and greater resolution, the Edan SE-601B Multi-Channel ECG machine offers greater ease of use th...

Edan SE-1010 PC-Based EKG Machine

The Edan SE-1010 PC-Based EKG Machine is an ultra portable scanner that combines 12-channel input with powerful data ana...

Edan SE-12 Express EKG Machine

The Edan SE-12 Express EKG Machine is a bestselling unit with a foldable, high-resolution color monitor and a built-in r...

Edan SE-1200 EKG

The Edan SE-1200 EKG machine offers dependable performance at an affordable price. View data from up to 12 leads prin...

Edan SE-1200 Express EKG

Dependability and affordability are the most notable features of the Edan SE-12 Express EKG Machine. From small GP offic...

Edan SE-3 Three-Channel EKG

The Edan SE-3 Three-Channel EKG is a lightweight, portable powerhouse that can be set up quickly anywhere. It is a 12...

Edan SE-301 3-Channel ECG Machine

The Edan SE-301 is a 3-channel ECG, which incorporates the benefits of the advanced technology and innovative design ...

Edan SE-601A Multi-Channel EKG

Dependability and affordability mark the Edan SE-601A Multi-Channel EKG machine. Examine 3 lead output produced by t...

Edan SE-601C Multi-Channel ECG

The power of color marks the Edan SE-601C Multi-Channel ECG machine. Three-lead output can still be sent to the inter...

Edan VE-300 Veterinary EKG Machine

The Edan VE-300 Veterinary EKG machine is an affordable EKG machine for animal use. It is very portable due to its lo...

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The company Edan Instruments was established in 1995 at Shenzhen, China. Today, it has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of medical equipment in China and its strategic location at Shenzhen, a major center of electronics, is also the place where productivity and talent go hand in hand. Currently, Edan Instruments employs over 800 employees working various sectors and departments like marketing, manufacturing, research and development, among others. The company manufactures, develops, and markets such products as Fetal Dopplers, Fetal monitors, TCD (Transcranial Dopplers), ECG (Electrocardiographs), Ultrasound Scanners, and Patient Monitors.

Edan Instruments is ISO-9001 and ISO-13485 certified. The implementation of these international quality standards is applied across the various stages of product designing, manufacturing as well as servicing. Its M9 range of patient monitors and CBS series of products are used in many Chinese hospitals.

The company made its foray into the overseas market in 2002 and this has lead to a dramatic increase in its market share along with annual export sales. Growing sales figures and well-established systems in the sales and distribution network, with over 1,000 distributors, have made it one of the most recognized brands in the world. Its world-class customer support services and products are immensely sought after by clients in the domestic market as well as overseas. Edan Instruments has 23 offices in China alone and a sales, after-sales, and marketing network in over 120 countries across the globe. Its online portal, a part of its International Service Center also offers technical support, after-sale services, an online service claim system, and a service training course.

Edan Instruments manufactures a wide array of different medical products for fetal and maternal health care as well as efficient and affordable round-the-clock patient monitoring. Its new line of fetal monitoring products include fetal dopplers, maternal and fetal monitors, and central stations like F3 and the SD5 and SD6 range of products.

It designs and manufactures both exercise as well as resting electrocardiographs like Holter and the ST-1212 and the SE-1010 series of products. Its patient monitoring systems include, but are not limited to, multi-parameter, central stations, pulse oximeters, and vital signs monitors. The newest entrants are M50, M80, and M3A. One of the vascular assessment models that has been recently released is the Sonotrax Vascular machine; this category of products has vascular as well as transcranial dopplers. Portable and cart-based ultrasound scanners like the DUS 60 have high-end and state-of-the art features.

Additionally, Edan Instruments, Inc. also manufactures medical products for the veterinary industry and its veterinary ECG, patient monitoring and ultrasound scanners are in great demand. It also manufactures and designs the accessories for its maternal and fetal internal monitoring machines, probes, resting ECG cables, ultrasound gels, stress ECG cables, electrodes, connection cables, trolleys, ECGs, NIBP tubes, temperature monitors, disposable pressure transducer cables and kits, airway adapters, oxygen sensors, cardiac output cables, control syringes, in-line injection temperature probes, disposable carbon dioxide nasal cannula, dehumidification tubing, and FDA-approved US gels.