Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7402

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Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7402

MSRP: $3,995.00

OUR PRICE: $3,775.00

You Save: 5.5%

Manufacturer: Fukuda Denshi
Model: CardiMax FX-7402

Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7402 is ideal for private practices and physician's offices, featuring a LCD touch screen for easy operation and membrane type keys. This EKG machine is manufactured by Fukuda Denshi, a well-established supplier of medical equipment.

This unit utilizes the latest technologies, providing sophisticated functions. Its main features include a clear EKG display, an interpretation program, built-in memory and 12 leads of real-time ECG waveforms. Fukuda Denshi CardiMax FX-7402 is easy to use and has reduced dimensions. The touch screen and the numeric keyboard allow this EKG machine to have a simplified appearance.

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