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GE Mac 3500 EKG Machine

The GE Mac 3500 EKG Machine combines convenience and quality in one machine. With the barcode and magnetic card reader, ...

GE Cardiosoft PC Based EKG Software

GE Cardiosoft PC Based EKG from GE Healthcare turns your ordinary PC into an advanced diagnostic tool. Efficient and ...

GE Cadiac Assessment System CASE

GE Cadiac Assessment System CASE uses a high performance technology that is EMR ready and also supports connectivity and...

GE Mac 1200 Interpretive EKG

GE Mac 1200 Interpretive EKG machines are ideal for office-based practices, clinical trials and hospitals. As a top m...

Refurbished GE MAC 1200 Interpretive EKG

We buy used MAC 1200 EKG Machines! If you have a machine to sell, call us at 858-367-9733!


GE Marquette Refurbished EKG Machine

The GE Marquette EKG Machine is part of a system of noninvasive testing solutions that will maximize productivity in ...

GE MAC 1600 EKG Machine

GE MAC 1600 EKG machine uses an advanced analysis program recognized across the globe. This modern system was designe...

GE Mac 400 EKG Machine

The outstanding capabilities and functionality of the GE Mac 400 Resting ECG System allow the trained physician to confi...

GE Mac 5000 Interpretive EKG Machine

GE Mac 5000 Interpretive EKG machine features gender-specific interpretive software, digital compact acquisition modu...

GE Mac 5500 Refurbished EKG Machine

GE Mac 5500 Refurbished EKG machine uses advanced analysis algorithms to deliver accurate results. This unit is desig...

GE Mac 5500 HD EKG Machine

The GE Mac 5500 HD was designed to speedily find bi-ventricular pacemakers in emergency room situations; however, it can...

GE Mac 600 EKG Machine

Compact in design and extremely portable, the GE Mac 600 ECG System combines clinically accurate input with cutting-edge...

GE Mac 800 Interpretive EKG Machine

The GE Mac 800 Interpretive EKG Machine is the tool of choice to connect the mind of the cardiologist to the heart of th...

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Mortara ECG Machine


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Used EKG Machines For Sale


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General Electric provides comprehensive services and products in a diverse group of areas. The company operates through five segments: energy, technology infrastructure, NBC Universal, finance and industrial. The company has been a leader in the green economy and in innovative products with its ecomagination campaign. The company has also established itself in the healthcare industry with products and services that include medical imaging and information technologies, medical diagnostics, and patient monitoring systems.

In 1890, Thomas Edison merged several of his business areas under one corporation to form Edison General Electric. Charles Coffin's company, Thomson-Houston Electric Company, gained a number of key patents. These two entities merged in 1892 to form General Electric. The company was incorporated with the Schenectady plant as headquarters for years. Headquarters for the company is now in Fairfield, Connecticut.

Today, General Electric is an international conglomerate with subsidiaries worldwide. One of those divisions is General Electric Healthcare. GE Healthcare provides a wide range of technological medical equipment and services for a variety of health needs. It is headquartered in the United Kingdom. GE Healthcare is the first GE business segment to be headquartered outside the United States.

GE Healthcare currently has seven primary business units with GE Healthcare Global Diagnostic Imaging and GE Healthcare Clinical Systems in Wisconsin; GE Healthcare IT in Barrington, Illinois; GE Healthcare in the United Kingdom; and, GE Healthcare Life and Science in Uppsala, Sweden. There is also GE Healthcare Surgery in Salt Lake City, Utah, and GE Healthcare GoldSeal also in Wisconsin.

The company provides quality technological health products to assist in health services and diagnosing patients. It provides services in visualization anesthesia services, magnetic resonance imagery and x-ray products. It also manufactures products in mammography, radiology, nuclear science, bone density, and ultrasound. It also makes products in specialized areas like cardiology, pediatrics, surgery and women's health services.

Its typical customers are home health agencies, hospitals, imaging centers, and health care offices. General Electric Healthcare has a complete cycle of product development ranging from research and development to manufacturing. Some of the thousands of worldwide employees of the company include medical specialists and engineers who are experts in their fields. The company is able to provide a diverse portfolio of products that are unsurpassed in the industry.

The company provides a full range of support for their products in maintenance and warranty service. GE Healthcare provides financial solutions to health care facilities with programs to help with assets and resources. The company also provides data technology and IT solutions and support for its customers to help them with their technical needs. GE Healthcare also provides clinical and technical educational services through classroom and online instruction. The company seeks to support the evolving skill-based needs of workers in the health care field. It assists with helping workers keep their credentialing requirements updated. All these services are provided with a full range of support representatives available 24 hours a day.