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MediTech 100 EKG Machine

Exceedingly versatile and user friendly, the MediTech 100 EKG Machine can be trusted to produce reliable, simultaneous 1...

MediTech 100s EKG Machine

MediTech 100s is a safe model EKG machine sold alongside a set of instructions on how to use it. It uses a thermal print...

MediTech 112s EKG Machine

The MediTech 112s EKG machine offers superior features and functionality at a great price. The large LCD display allows...

MediTech 1212 EKG Machine

The MediTech 1212 EKG machine displays electrocardiograph waves on a huge high definition monitor. Its memory capacity a...

MediTech 308s EKG Machine

The MediTech 308s EKG machine features a manually adjustable 3 channel, LCD display. Simultaneous acquisition of 12-lea...

MediTech 312 EKG Machine

The MediTech 312 EKG machine comes from a trusted name in state-of-the-art medical equipment. This resting 3 channel EKG...

MediTech 612 EKG Machine

The MediTech 612 EKG Machine is a quality EKG machine used to monitor heart rates and test for heart-related medical con...

Discount EKG Machines


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Mortara ECG Machine


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Used EKG Machines For Sale


An electrocardiograph, or EKG machine, is one of the most important piec... Read More