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USED Mortara ELI 150c EKG Machine

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Manufacturer: Mortara
Model: ELI 150c

Note: This product is used.

We buy used Mortara ELI 150c EKG Machines! If you have a machine to sell, call us at 858-367-9733!

With multiple printout formats, internal modem and transmission software, the Mortara ELI 150c EKG machine is a popular, low cost EKG machine used in offices, clinics, hospitals and mobile applications. A clear LCD display and easy to use interface makes this a favorite for fast and reliable patient testing. Models contain rechargeable batteries, power cord, patient cables, manuals and warranties. Dr. David Mortara started Mortara Instrument in 1982 at Milwaukee, Wisc. to provide simple, affordable high-quality EKG machines. The Mortara ELI 150c EKG machine records, stores and transmits high quality electrocardiographs at low cost to health care offices and customers.

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