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USED Mortara ELI 350 EKG Machine

MSRP: $7,500.00

OUR PRICE: $3,500.00

You Save: 53.3%

Manufacturer: Mortara
Model: ELI 350

Note: This product is used.

We buy used Mortara ELI 350 EKG Machines! If you have a machine to sell, call us at 858-367-9733!

The Mortara ELI 350 EKG machine is the top-of-the-line, deluxe EKG machine experience. It sets the industry standard for most thorough, effective patient testing and tracking while remaining easy to use and maintain. It is the most advanced electrocardiograph system on the market today, popular with hospitals and medical centers as well as clinics and medical offices. Dr. David Mortara started Mortara Instrument in 1982 to provide EKG specific machines and services. Based at Milwaukee, Wisc., Mortara provides the most advanced technological devices in the industry today. The deluxe ELI 350 EKG leads the Mortara market surge.

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