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Nasiff CardioResting EKG System with Bluetooth

OUR PRICE: $2,495.00

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Manufacturer: Nasiff
Model: CC-ECG1-BT

A powerful 12-lead EKG machine. The Nasiff Cardioresting EKG is a durable, reliable and easy to learn piece of equipment. With EMR compatibility and free database management system, the Cardioresting EKG helps with tracking and organizing electronic records. Added Bluetooth functionality enables easier wireless transmission.

The following items are included:

  • CardioResting ECG System with Bluetooth

  • CardioCard Software

  • Resting 10L Banana Cable

  • Adapter White Clips

  • 2 Batteries

  • Bluetooth USB Adapter

  • CardioCardÃNLGNLGÃ,¢"ÃNLG,Ã,¢ Bluetooth Manual

  • Nasiff Pen

  • Two-year limited warranty.

  • Unlimited toll free tech support

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