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Abnormal EKG Results

An electrocardiograph, or EKG machine, is a piece medical of equipment that is common to all medical practitioners. Whether brand new or purchased as used medical equipment, an EKG machine is crucial in the fight against heart disease. From heart collapse to cardiac dysrhythmias, an EKG machine uses electrodes to interpret your heart activity over a specified time period and diagnose any irregularities. If you have abnormal EKG results, then you most likely have heart problems.

If the medical equipment reports that your heart is beating between 50 and 100 times per minute, then you have a normal heart rate. If your heart rate falls outside of this range, then you have abnormal EKG results. While abnormal EKG results typically indicate a medical ailment that needs treatment, it is possible that the medical equipment is just responding to low blood sugar in your body. This is unlikely, however, so you should take your abnormal EKG results seriously.

When the medical equipment reports abnormal EKG results, it might indicate that your heart muscle is not receiving enough blood. It could also indicate an arrhythmia, which means that your heart is beating irregularly. Other conditions that this medical equipment can reveal include heart valve disease, coronary artery disease, an oversized cardiac muscle or even heart failure. These readings can also tell if a heart attack has occurred or even if one is about to occur.

It is important that irregular heartbeats are detected by proper medical equipment before they lead to unpleasant results. If your heart is beating too slowly, then you might experience lightheadedness and an unshakable feeling of fatigue that follows you throughout your day. Conversely, a heart that is beating too fast might not be pumping enough blood throughout your body. It is important that irregular heartbeats are treated, as the heart can collapse entirely if this condition is ignored.

If you have abnormal EKG results, you should not blame the presence of used medical equipment for these irregularities. All used medical equipment has been examined by biomedical repair technicians, who have performed all necessary repairs and part replacements. In fact, used medical equipment has been proven to be just as effective as the newer EKG machines in detecting heart problems.

EKG machines are highly important in the fight against heart disease. If this medical equipment reveals that you have an abnormal heartbeat, you should take it seriously.

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