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Abnormal EKG Results

If you're suddenly noticing chest pain, shortness of breath, or other symptoms it may be an indication of a serious heart condition. Your physician may order an EKG. An EKG is a piece of medical equipment that measures the electrical impulses in your heart. The impulses are recorded on a special recording device, the device will show peaks and valleys that change with each heart contraction and relaxation. Abnormal EKG results may indicate a serious heart problem. The EKG will tell if you've ever had a heart attack or are having one at the time of the test. Sometimes people have a normal EKG only to return home and suffer a heart attack. For this reason some people choose to purchase a portable EKG machine from a used medical equipment store to help discover abnormal EKG results. Individuals can test themselves on the medical equipment when they are suffering symptoms. Machines are inexpensive and easy to operate.

Medical equipment can also be used to diagnose sleep apnea. Abnormal EKG results were obtained when the patient's heart skipped or a heart murmur was detected. An EKG machine can save your life. Used medical equipment including EKG machines can be obtained online. When shopping for medical equipment, make sure it has a warranty, the size of the printout of the reading the machine prints out and the speed of the EKG. Finally if you buy a piece of used medical equipment make sure the machine is compatible with other equipment to provide a more satisfactory purchase.

Abnormal EKG results may indicate heart disease, blockage, or leakage to name a few. They also can tell you if you've ever had a heart attack or are in danger of having one. Some heart problems cannot be detected because they are not present at the time of the EKG test. In cases where heart problems are suspected but an abnormal EKG is not obtained, a piece of medical equipment called a Holter monitor may be used. The patient wears the monitor at home to monitor their heart. Many people are shocked when they have an abnormal EKG result. Many doctors will order additional testing. Sometimes small problems cause an abnormal EKG such as low blood sugar or muscle movement. Other times, an abnormal EKG may indicate a life-threatening problem and used medical equipment may save your life.

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