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When considering buying the Burdick Eclipse 850 as a piece of used medical equipment you will be pleased with all of the great features that can enhance the performance of your medical practice. The Burdick Eclipse 850 is an EKG machine that delivers high performance. Its compact size makes it perfect for a doctor's office where a lot of EKGs are performed. However its functionality makes it a perfect piece of medical equipment for a hospital setting.

The 12-lead Burdick Eclipse 850 only weighs 14.6 ounces but has the memory capacity to store input on 40 patients before download to a personal computer is necessary. It has a fully functioning alphanumeric keyboard and can run on a rechargeable battery or can be plugged into any AC outlet. The large screen has a three channel backlight to make reading easier in all lighting situations. It can be used on adults as well as children.

This piece of used medical equipment allows monitoring throughout the entire medical procedure. The interpretative model can be equipped with the Glasgow interpretative algorithm will give a "silent second opinion." It can also provide email, with the Cardio Vault option for the PC that can transmit directly from memory.

The Burdick Eclipse 850 models that have interpretative capability follow FTC requirements and can be plugged into any telephone line for transmission to anywhere in the world. The Burdick Eclipse 850 has a choice of QTc calculation formulas including: Fridericia, Framingham, Hodges and Bazett, This piece of medical equipment has the optional utility system for stress-test functionality.

The Burdick Eclipse 850 can be factory refurbished and upgraded to eliminate it becoming obsolete at some point in the future. So the used medical equipment will always be as up-to-date as brand-new medical equipment. Some machines have been in use for 30 years but the software in use is current.

For patients who have pacemakers the interpretative model of the Burdick Eclipse 850 has the facility to accommodate pacemaker algorithm. If the leads are not properly placed the AccuPrint(TM) function will not print until the correction is made.

To provide instant access to patient information, eliminate the time spent locating needed information this piece of used medical equipment can be coupled with the Pyramis® ECG management system. This cardiology medical equipment is an enterprise wide management system that incorporates all workflow organization into a single patient record.

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