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Burdick EKG Machines

Burdick EKG machines is medical equipment that retains its value as used medical equipment testing heart rates to determine a patient's heart health.

Burdick EKG machines have been sold for more than 50 years under a series of company umbrellas. These days major medical equipment supplier Cardiac Science of Bothell, Washington, handles the development and building of EKG machines for global giant Opto Circuits Ltd. of India that also distributed used medical equipment.

Cardiac Science makes a long line of medical equipment used in the health care industry. Also refurbished as used medical equipment, Cardiac Science's Burdick EKG machines are considered industry leaders due to quality and longevity.

Burdick EKG machines are part of the overall Cardiac Science portfolio that also includes vital signs monitors, cardiac stress systems and cardiac rehabilitation equipment. Burdick EKG machines are the top cardiac products with HeartCentrix, Powerheart and Quinton models the leading products, offering varying levels of testing and options.

The top model is the Quinton Eclipse Premier EKG (or ECG). Built into a roll-out device, the medical equipment is very popular for re-sale in the used medical equipment field. It follows the latest EKG trend toward internet and computer integration and is easy to use.

The Burdick 8500 and Burdick 8300 models also are popular, working models for hospitals and offices featuring accuracy and flexibility. The Burdick Atria 3100 is the leading model used at medical offices due to practical cost and simple, accurate features.

Burdick EKG machines, medical equipment, and used medical equipment, can be found through outlets online or through company sales reps. Typically, the used medical equipment is in great shape, refurbished and with warranties.

With rapidly rising health care costs, lightly used and refurbished EKG equipment has become essential for many health care practices, medical analysts say. An EKG machine for sale can be used as a stand-alone or paired with a treadmill to do stress tests.

EKG machines are important in responding to suspected heart disease or heart attacks. The medical equipment, and used medical equipment, is used in tests and check-ups for patients in determining heart disease or efficacy of health maintenance programs.

In choosing an EKG machine for sale, as with many types of medical equipment and used medical equipment, it's important to study features along with how the model fits in with equipment already in place.

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