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EKG Machine For Sale

An EKG machine for sale is a valuable piece of medical equipment that retains its function even as used medical equipment while being used routinely in the health industry today to produce electrocardiographs.

Anywhere from 3 to 12 leads (or electrodes) are attached to arms, legs and chest of patients. Leads measure the heart's electrical impulses from different angles. They form a kind of electrical impulse triangle measuring the heart's functioning rate.

An EKG machine for sale is very important in any doctor's office, becoming more sophisticated and powerful these days by taking advantage of computer precision and miniaturization. They can measure fetal heart beats.

Machines can create 3-D beating heart models. Patients even can attach electrodes to their body and transmit impulses by phone or computer for analysis.

Medical equipment, and used medical equipment, can be found through outlets online or through company sales reps. Typically, the used medical equipment is in great shape, refurbished and with warranties.

With rapidly rising health care costs, lightly used and refurbished EKG equipment has become essential for many health care practices, medical analysts say.

An EKG machine for sale can be used as a stand-alone or paired with a treadmill to do stress tests. EKG machines are important in responding to suspected heart disease or heart attacks. The medical equipment, and used medical equipment, also is used in tests and check-ups for patients suspected of being susceptible to heart disease or regular health maintenance programs.

Many times patients lie on an examination table. Sometimes they walk on treadmills or perform a series of exercises and tasks while being tested with EKG machines.

In choosing an EKG machine for sale, as with many types of medical equipment and used medical equipment, it's important to study features along with how the model fits in with equipment already in place. Training manuals and warranties add value to used medical equipment and used medical equipment.

Maintaining a working EKG machine is critical to a doctor's office because EKG's are such important diagnostic tools. It's important to be aware of the machine's condition and prepared to get another one rather than be caught unprepared, medical groups say.

Additional factors in considering an EKG machine for sale include computer, and internet-integration capability as well as size and shape of test reading printouts.

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