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EKG Machine

An EKG machine is a valued piece of medical equipment, and used medical equipment utilized at doctors' offices, hospitals and health offices to produce electrocardiographs. The EKG itself is painless for the patient.

Tests evaluate electrical impulses between heartbeats as transmitted by the heart. Each pulse happens when nerve centers feel contractions and relaxations of the heart muscle.

An EKG machine is a valued piece of medical equipment and used medical equipment with advances being made all the time in portability and reliability. Often, this piece of medical equipment is re-sold as used medical equipment since it has a long shelf life, although newer models show ever-improving features.

Important in responding to heart disease, or heart attacks, an EKG machine is key in testing heart function. The used medical equipment is also used in check-ups for patients suspected of being susceptible to heart disease or regular health maintenance programs.

Many times, patients lie on an examination table for tests. Sometimes, they walk on treadmills or perform a series of exercises and tasks while being tested with an EKG machine.

Technicians go through a protocol on the medical equipment, used medical equipment and with the patient to yield reports showing the health of the heart. From 3 to 12 electrodes (or leads) are attached to the arms, legs and chest of patients. Leads measure the heart's electrical impulses from different angles. The technician then starts the device that records the waves and changes electrode placement from time to time. Abnormal test sections are marked for extra study by the doctor.

Augusta Waller led the effort developing the first EKG testing device in 1877. Willem Einthoven invented an instrument called a string galvanometer that could monitor electric waves produced by the heart. The combination of the two devices led to the first modern EKG monitoring units. Early models were bulky, table-sized affairs while today's medical equipment and used medical equipment are lightweight and compact becoming ever more so.

EKG machines can create 3-D beating heart models. Patients even attach electrodes to their bodies and transmit impulses by phone or computer for analysis. These pieces of medical equipment and used medical equipment today can measure fetal heart beats.

They have become among the most widely distributed medical equipment and used medical equipment when even a few years ago they were more difficult to find.

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