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EKG Machines

EKG machines, medical equipment and used medical equipment are available from a variety of online sources today. Compare this to even a few years ago they were more difficult and expensive to find.

EKG machines are medical equipment used routinely in the health industry today to produce electrocardiographs. These EKG machines quite often are re-sold as used medical equipment since they have a long shelf life even though newer models show ever-improving features.

EKG machines measure heart beats, or rather the electrical impulses between heart beats as transmitted by the heart. Machines are made with an amplifier, connecting wires, electrodes, transmission and storage device.

This is a very important tool in the first response to suspected heart disease or heart attacks. Doctors can compare the EKG charts, examine new charts and even make a quick, and accurate, diagnosis that could possibly change one's life.

The medical equipment also is used in tests and check-ups for patients suspected of being susceptible to heart disease or regular health maintenance programs.

Tests take place in a variety of conditions. Many times patients lie on an examination table. Sometimes they walk on treadmills.

From 3 to 12 leads (or electrodes) are attached to arms, legs and chest of patients. Leads measure the heart's electrical impulses from different angles. They can create 3-D beating heart models. Patients even can attach electrodes to their body and transmit impulses by phone or computer for analysis.

Technicians go through a protocol on the medical equipment and used medical equipment and with the patient to yield reports showing the health of the heart. Doctors can compare EKG charts to determine a diagnosis.

Leading manufacturers of EKG machines, medical equipment and used medical equipment include companies like Burdick, a Wisconsin company considered a leading supplier. Others include Philips Medical Systems and Cardioline, which also make popular medical equipment and used medical equipment as well as EKG machines.

Augusta Waller is credited with inventing the modern EKG machine in 1877. Scientists and researchers had been working with the concept for decades.

The first units were bulky, table-sized affairs while today's medical equipment and used medical equipment are lightweight and compact becoming ever more so.

EKG machines are very important medical equipment in any doctor's office, becoming more sophisticated and powerful by taking advantage of computer precision and miniaturization.

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