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History Of ECG

The history of ECG technology's modern day beginnings in the mid to late 19th century. Scientists became aware that laboratory animals had a measurable electrical current in the heart and muscles. First experiments were conducted on frogs and tortoises later using cats and dogs.

According to the history of ECG in 1873, Dr. Green published a paper concerning his success at resuscitation of patients while under anesthesia. He used a 200 cell battery giving 300 volts with one probe placed at the neck and the other just under the ribcage. This seems to be the first successful attempt at cardio respiratory resuscitation.

The same year, two neurophysiologists described in their textbook detailing medical electricity, the resuscitation of a drowned girl when they used medical equipment to create electric stimulation.

In the history of ECG, the first electrocardiogram of a healthy young man was transmitted via telephone in 1905 from a hospital to the doctor's office. At that time the ECG medical equipment machines weighed about 600 lbs. In 1928, the first portable electrocardiogram was built by a medical equipment manufacturer. This light-weight medical equipment weighed 50 pounds and could be transported on a wheeled cart.

Dr. Albert Hyman patented his invention of an artificial cardiac pacemaker that was small enough to be carried in a doctor's bag. By 1942, he reported he had successfully used medical equipment on 14 patients out of the 43 total that he attempted to resuscitate.

By 1949, a medical equipment backpack was invented that could be worn by the patient. It contained a tape recorder to record the heartbeat of the patient. It weighed 75 pounds, but it was reduced over the next several years to make the medical equipment more comfortable.

In 1958, a physician placed the first implantable cardiac pacemaker. The medical equipment was invented by his 43-year-old patient who had almost 100% heart blockage.

By 2005, paramedics working to resuscitate a patient inside an ambulance are able to transmit ECG readings to a doctor's wireless PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). This reduced the time from onset of chest pains to decisions concerning the patient's care. The hospital used medical equipment necessary to treat the patient effectively.

The history of ECG used medical equipment may at times seem barbaric to us but they saved lives and paved the way for the medical equipment advancements we depend upon today.

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