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How To Find a Good EKG

There are several elements to consider when shopping for the best price and quality on EKG equipment. The EKG, or electrocardiograph machine, is an essential diagnostic tool for practicing physicians and the accuracy and reliability of the office EKG machine is critical to diagnosis. However, when an EKG machine suddenly becomes unreliable or inoperable for any reason, like most major repairs, it often occurs at an inopportune time. This is why it is wise to plan ahead, factoring in the age of the current EKG machine, the date of the last repair, and the prognosis given by the machine\\'s regular technician to plan ahead for the possibility of purchasing a new EKG machine before emergency strikes.

There are several factors to consider when shopping for a good EKG machine. One factor is warranty. Questions to consider when in the market for a new EKG machine should include what the warranty covers should the machine need repairs, how long does the standard warranty last for, and what are the options for an extended warranty. Also, be sure to ask about how repairs are handled to determine speed of customer service should repairs be needed.

Additional factors that are important when selecting a good EKG machine include the size and shape of the printouts generated after a reading. Each physician should take into account personal preference when choosing between half-size and standard letter size printout paper. Personal preference and functionality can also determine whether to choose a machine that allows for entering of patient data - assessing the speed with which EKG readings need to be performed may determine whether this feature is necessary or desired. Finally, making sure the EKG machine allows for a preview screen and ability to connect to the Internet can assist with integrating EKG readings with other office equipment, including fax machines, scanners, copiers, email, and other vital communication tools to make the best use of EKG technology.

Assessing each of these considerations will greatly assist those who are in the market for new EKG equipment with making a satisfactory purchase decision.

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