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The high cost of reliable medical equipment in the United States is rising along with the cost of quality medical care. One of the easiest ways to reign in your company spending is to invest in refurbished products. If you're in the market for quality used medical equipment, then look no further. The GE Mac 1000 Interpretive EKG machine is one of the most popular EKG models manufactured by one of the most trusted companies in the business. GE has been building cutting edge medical equipment for decades and the GE Mac 1000 Interpretive EKG machine is no different.

The EKG machine was originally invented in the early 1900's by Aloysio Luigi and Willem Einthoven. Simply put, an EKG machine reads the electric pulses of the heart. This medical technology has been used around the world for the early detection of arrhythmia, hypertension, and a variety of other heart diseases. This invaluable piece of medical equipment is standard issue in medical offices, clinics and hospitals everywhere. At we make it easy to find a reliable machine and a reasonable price. The GE Mac 1000 Interpretive EKG Machine is a sound investment.

The GE Mac 1000 Interpretive EKG machine has a long history of reliability. All of our quality used medical equipment ships in excellent working condition and comes backed with a full 90 day parts & labor warranty. The GE Mac 1000 comes with all accessories, including cables, cords, lead wires, and all manuals. This piece medical equipment is both reconditioned and patient ready. The GE Mac 1000 Interpretive EKG machine is also easily portable and battery powered, making it easy to move around the office.

Here is a list of the GE Mac 1000 Interpretive EKG machine highlights:

-Interpretation built-in

-Full page 8.5 x 11 printed report

-12 lead, 3 channel EKG machine

-preview LCD display

-Internal battery

-110-240v power capability

-built-in carrying handle for easy portability

Purchasing top-notch used medical equipment enables your business to cut down on the bottom line while providing your patients with the reliability they've come to count on. Rest assured, all of our medical equipment comes with a full money back guarantee. specializes in providing used medical equipment directly to hospitals, doctor's offices, and clinics around the country. Feel free to contact us with your questions or comments.

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