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Medical Equipment

If you want to buy medical equipment for your medical practice it would be economically irresponsible if you did not consider purchasing slightly used medical equipment. Getting used medical equipment for your practice is a practical and economic way to improve the services that you can offer to your patients. Because used medical equipment costs less money compared with new medical equipment, you can save money and offer more services to more patients. Before you buy any used medical equipment, you need to consider your budget and your patients' needs.

EKG machines

EKG machines are typical medical equipment found in most hospital emergency rooms and urgent care centers. EKG machines are used for monitoring a patient's heart rate as well as checking for and diagnosing any abnormalities that may be occurring. Is it safe to trust used medical equipment to do such an important job? Well, yes. EKG machines work by attaching electrodes to the patient. Typically EKGs machines have 3-lead, 5-lead, or 12-lead. This means that they attach to the patient in three, five, or 12 places. Each lead monitors and reports minute local electrical changes in the patient. This technology has been around for several decades. The difference between current model and older model EKG machines is minuscule and cosmetic. Often times new medical equipment does not offer a significant upgrade over sturdy used medical equipment.

Ultrasound machines

Ultrasound machines are medical equipment used in doctor's offices. Most people know them as the machine used to observe a baby developing in a mother's stomach. What most people do not know is how they work. Ultrasound machines are sonar that emits sound in frequencies above the register of human hearing. This device can create a three dimensional image based on the time it takes for the sound waves to bounce back to the detector. Like EKG machines, ultrasound machines have been commonly used medical equipment for a long time. This is another machine where purchasing used medical equipment will is a chance to offer your patients more bang for your buck.

It costs a lot of money and planning to run a successful medical practice. In order to provide the best possible care for their patients, most doctors would like to offer as many services as possible. One great way for a small practice to save money is to purchase good used medical equipment.

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