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A comfortable and high quality examination table is vital to any medical practice, regardless of specialty. The Midmark 405 examination table is designed for optimal patient comfort as well as physician convenience. Midmark Corporation is an industry leader in the design, manufacture and sales of new medical equipment and used medical equipment.

The unique design of the Midmark 405 is ideal for most medical practices, including obstetrics, gynecology, dermatology, plastic surgery, family practice and internal medicine. The Midmark 405 features power up and down functions, maximizing patient comfort and providing the physician a convenient working level when performing examinations. The hand-held power control (the "Commander") adjusts height, back and pelvic tilt positions of the table. The height of the Midmark 405 can be adjusted from 24 inches to 37 inches. The back can be adjusted from a flat position to a 75-degree sitting position. The "Commander" can be plugged into electrical receptacles at the head or foot of the table and can be attached to a mounting pad for convenient access by the physician. The Midmark 405 features a foot control pad which allows the physician to easily adjust table positions and pelvic tilt positions when performing gynecological examinations or procedures. The Midmark 405 features vinyl-covered adjustable stirrups with foot extensions that can be locked into any of four lateral positions. The Midmark 405 includes a stainless steel treatment pan, several drawers and a hidden paper roll holder. To reduce the risk of infection, the Midmark 405 is designed with seamless medical-grade vinyl upholstery that can be easily removed for routine disinfection.

When purchasing medical equipment or used medical equipment, it is important to research all options available. Several refurbished Midmark 405 examination tables are offered for sale through medical equipment companies and online auctions. When considering the purchase of used medical equipment or refurbished medical equipment, it is important that an independent expert perform a complete mechanical and electrical inspection, as well as an electrical leakage test. A thorough inspection of the upholstery is vital to assure that it is medical-grade vinyl. Scratches, rips or tears can become an infection risk. An inspection of maintenance and service records can determine proper function of the equipment. If purchasing a used or refurbished Midmark 405 examination table from a reputable used medical equipment company, a bio-med certification should be provided, as well as a standard one-year warranty and service contract.

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