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As a leading producer of diagnostic electrocardiography equipment, Mortara is committed to its innovative portfolio and serving customers offering clinical care. A Mortara ECG machine can be found in many physicians' offices and hospitals and are often used during clinical trials. Mortara continues to set the healthcare industry standard by offering low-cost, wireless solutions with its newest technology platform, Go Wireless, which can be found on any new Mortara ECG machine. Go Wireless encourages open information technology architecture to improve medical equipment functionality and flexibility.

Finding a Mortara ECG machine that fits your practice is easy due to the variety of medical equipment offered. Resting ECG's are a popular choice for most medical practices and hospitals. This used medical equipment, known as the ELI (ELectrocardiograph with Intelligence) delivers a wide-range of solutions for ECG acquisition. The ELI Series medical equipment is available in high volume systems or handheld devices, all featuring bi-directional connectivity options. The ELI Series version of a Mortara ECG machine offers reliable and robust performance.

The ELI 350 resting Mortara ECG machine features advanced technology that continues to be of the highest quality even after it has become used medical equipment. With a shell impervious to damage, this piece of medical equipment can withstand even the most demanding healthcare environments. The ELI 350 medical equipment features an innovative "Instant-on" function that allows for immediate boot up to begin ECG acquisition.

All Mortara ECG used medical equipment,including the ELI 350, is built on an interpretation algorithm with settings for adult and pediatric criteria. Therefore, the algorithm provides a built-in silent second opinion for interpretation. The used medical equipment also offers waveform and text availability for the previous 4 ECG acquisitions. The ELI 350 is also capable of exercise stress readings which consist of an interface to treadmill option, ergometer and pharmacological studies.

Other innovative functions include the automatic selection and presentation of the top 10 seconds of ECG signal during 20 minutes of run-time, a reduction in clinical review time and the removal of the need to repeat ECG's.

With so many functions, features and the addition of wireless capabilities, the ELI 350 and other Mortara ECG machines are the pioneers of the industry. As technology continues to improve, the readings and analysis of information will greatly progress and result in more accurate results for the doctor allowing for better communication to the patient.

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