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Mortara Eli 200

The Mortara Eli 200 is a 12-lead interpretative EKG machine with multiple printout capabilities. This used medical equipment can operate on battery or be plugged into any AC outlet. The Mortara Eli 200 is flexible, portable with an optional internal modem, internal storage and transmission software. The medical equipment comes with a full alphanumeric keyboard and RS 232 port as standard equipment.

The used medical equipment comes with a user-friendly LCD display that provides a clear reading of commands as well as prompts for user commands to read the status of the Mortara Eli 200. It makes patient data entry fast and simple and cuts down on staff time to operate the medical equipment.

The print capabilities of the Mortara Eli 200 is on 8.5 in. (215 mm) paper and has 3, 4 and 6 presentation channels in automatic ECG mode. It also provides the used medical equipment with 3, 6 or 12 channels as needed for rhythm recording.

The Mortara Eli 200 can reduce operating costs by eliminating the need for re-acquisition of ECG reading through the lead fail detections and the internal check for signal quality.

The Mortara Eli 200 comes with a 40 ECG internal storage capacity as standard software. However the medical equipment has the optional capability to be expanded to 150 ECGs. The Mortara Eli 200 also comes with optional software to do Serial Comparisons. This gives the medical equipment capability to compare every new record with previous ECGs of the same patient using the last six interpretive text and wave forms. If there are significant changes, the used medical equipment will highlight them to bring it to the doctor's attention.

The used medical equipment comes equipped with a rechargeable battery, power cord, resting ECG electrodes, product manual, patient cable, alligator clip adaptor, modem cord and one roll of recording paper. The used medical equipment operates just as well as the new medical equipment.

The medical equipment is the perfect complement to the doctor's office or clinic and can interface with E-Scribe/NT ECG data management system and can transmit to the FAA as needed. This is just another way to prove the used medical equipment cost effective potential.

If used medical equipment is being purchased by an individual that is not a medical professional, a prescription from the attending physician may be necessary. Check the laws in your state before ordering.

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