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Novametrics medical equipment is involved in the manufacture, designing and marketing of a wide array of medical equipment that includes, but is not limited to non-invasive cardio-pulmonary sensors and monitors, products and services associated with baby care and development, radiology, surgery, imaging, core products like transcutaneous monitors, pulse oximeters, capnographs and monitors for respiratory mechanics. The other products from Novametrics are nasal aspirators, softened positioning support offered by gel products, infusion sets, saline wipes and specialty feeding products.

Used medical equipment from this company that is the provider of round-the-clock patient monitoring capabilities in non-hospital environments and hospital environments offer solution for a number of budgetary, clinical and technological issues that healthcare customers face. This medical equipment along with the associated accessories like non-invasive monitors and sensors is designed and manufactured towards providing advanced development supporting functional health care systems in the marketplace for critical care.

The medical equipment from Novametrics that caters to all the needs and requirements of small, medium sized and large medical establishments also includes an exhaustive array of remodeled and used medical equipment. C-arms, Mobile X-ray units, Mammography machines, Cath Labs, CT scanners, MRI scanners, Color Dopplers, Ultrasound and other used medical equipment that is refurbished and pre-owned can be ordered to for medical establishment that have a critical objective to provide medical care in a cost-efficient manner while getting access to the latest medical equipment. This used medical equipment from Novametrics undergoes a stringent process of thorough testing for a number of quality parameters to ensure that the same service is provided by the equipment when it is out to use in hospitals, clinics, labs, surgery centers, research facilities as well as other imaging centers across the globe.

These quality checks are performed by a team of trained, experienced and qualified service professionals and biomedical engineers who primarily deal with testing remodeled and used medical equipment.

Novametrics medical equipment is shipped across the globe and they provide installation and support services for all their medical equipment. These products are custom designed to ensure that they are tailored to the requirements of the end users per their budget and usage needs. After sales support services to repair the equipment, service it as and when required, and conduct annual safety checks is provided by a well-defined network of technical engineers and business associates all around the world.

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