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Pulse Oximeter

The use of a pulse oximeter has become the standard in many medical situations for medical equipment. As health care providers become more accustomed to this useful device, it spread from being an essential piece of medical equipment in the operating room. It is now in intensive care units and emergency rooms when monitoring a patient's blood oxygen saturation can be critical to effective treatment.

A pulse oximeter measures the amount of oxygen saturating a patient's arterial hemoglobin. The device uses pulses of low frequency red and infrared light that passes through a slender part of the patient's body, usually a finger tip or earlobe. One side provides the pulsed light and the other side reads how much of the light is absorbed. This medical equipment provides a figure of how much oxygen is circulating consistent with the free flow of oxygen throughout the whole body.

Pulmonologists employ used medical equipment for pulse oximetry in their offices to track a patient's baseline oxygen saturation during follow up appointments. Used medical equipment makes good business sense. The measurements provide running records of how a patient's system is making use of this essential gas. A sudden reduction in the percentage of saturation may indicate an exacerbation of a condition of which the patient is unaware. Having a record will allow the pulmonologist to communicate this information to other physicians in case of hospitalization. Used medical equipment is just as accurate as new medical equipment when properly refurbished.

The use of oximetry medical equipment has spread to primary care practices as well. Internists and pediatricians find it a valuable protocol in monitoring patient populations. It is less invasive and painful than drawing arterial blood gasses. While most commercial insurers and government programs, such as Medicare, do not make independent payments for performing pulse oximetry, obtaining a saturation reading does count as am additional test when assigning evaluation and management codes to patient encounters for reimbursement purposes. The more thorough the documented examination, the higher level of service provided and charged.

Used medical equipment, such as a pulse oximeter, works as well as the latest model and it is less of an overhead expense. In today's business environment, that's an important consideration. Using an oximeter in regular practice can improve patient care and satisfaction. It will easily pay for itself by providing another element to patient encounters.

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