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Refurbished Medical Equipment

If you are in the market for medical equipment such as medical machines and ultrasound devices, you need to understand a few things. Manufacturers have reached a point with most medical equipment technology where there is not much difference between current versions and older machines. It could be said that there is no major difference between new medical equipment and gently used medical equipment that is only a few years older, especially if that equipment has been refurbished. Medical practices looking to save money and provide more patient services would be wise to purchase used medical equipment, such as refurbished medical equipment, that functions just as well as brand new machines. However, refurbished medical equipment can give the performance and reliability of a new machine, while costing less because it is a used machine. It is the best of both worlds.

The best value in used medical equipment is refurbished medical equipment. Refurbished medical equipment has advantages over both new and used medical equipment. New medical equipment is more expensive than used or refurbished medical equipment. But they do not necessarily lead to better patient outcomes. Medical equipment technology has been pretty much stagnant over the past 10 years. Refurbished medical equipment that is a few years old will give you the same diagnostic abilities as a brand new piece of medical equipment at a fraction of the cost. A used piece of medical equipment might cost a little less than a refurbished one, but you will have to spend more money on having a technician keep it running. It will break down more than refurbished medical equipment because the refurbished machine already has replaced the parts that tend to break down and wear out. All that time your medical equipment is working incorrectly is time that your patients will have to be sent elsewhere to receive the tests and monitoring that they need. When purchasing refurbished medical equipment make sure that it has been refurbished by a licensed medical equipment technician.

Medical equipment manufacturers have come a long way with medical equipments. The modern medical equipment history shows rapid technological advancement has slowed down. Currently, most common medical equipment technology is pretty much perfected. There is little difference between new medical equipment and used medical equipment today. If you are looking to save money on medical equipment, do not buy it new. Buy it refurbished or used.

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