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Humanity's medical knowledge has dramatically increased since the early 19th century. Products like the Ritter M9 are an example of this.

The Ritter M9 autoclave is a medical instrument sterilizer that can be located at any new or used medical equipment store. The device is special because it saves lives.

You see, before there were control methods for infection, a patient had to be near death before a doctor would consider operating. The risk of infection was nearly inevitable, while death by sepsis was almost a certainty after an operation.

This changed when Louis Pasteur developed the germ theory and when Joseph Lister later developed sterilization protocols. These theories and guides forever changed the way doctors thought about surgery. Soon afterwards, complicated intracranial operations were a success thanks to products like the autoclave and sterilization methods.

Without doubt, the Ritter M9 is now a mainstay of the medical equipment industry. The newer ones are very compact and weigh less than 73 pounds, while the older ones, found in the used medical equipment stores, are a bit larger and heavier. However, both have some very sophisticated features.

For instance, a chemical indicator tape applied to the packaging alerts the operator when sterilization process is complete. When the instruments are thoroughly sterilized, the tape changes color. This is a remarkable advancement compared to years ago when guesswork was involved.

The indicator tape has further reduced the risk of infection after a surgery. Some of the newer packaging has an indicator strip built-in. This saves both time and money.

Finally, the new autoclaves meet or exceed the ASME Pressure Vessel Code for boilers. This will increase operator safety.

Besides meeting pressure safety requirements, all the newer M9's found at local medical equipment stores today have microprocessor-controlled routines. This further insures proper sterilization. With a single touch of a button, the operator loads one of the pre-programmed sequences.

Each icon represents a routine allowing the operator to sterilize equipment as easily as making popcorn in the microwave. They can also choose among several different types of containers, such as pouches, plastics, unwrapped or wrapped. When each sterilization cycle is complete, the unit will run the exhaust routine and opens the door automatically.

Purchasing the M9 at a new or used medical equipment store is much easier now thanks to the Internet. A medical professional can buy online and receive it fast.

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