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Philips PageWriter TC50 EKG Machine

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Phillips Pagewriter Trim I EKG Machine

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Philips Trim II EKG Machine

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Learn More about Philips, the Company

Philips is a manufacturing company that began in the year 1891. It was established by Gerard and Anton Philips under the name, Philips & Co in Eindhoven, an industrial town the Netherlands. The company initially started with producing carbon-filament lamps with the commercialization of electricity. This turned out to be a major success by the end of the century. In relation to the industrial revolution in Europe, Philips introduced its first innovative x-ray and radio technology. Over the years, the company developed many different innovations which are now used globally.

Philips Key Products

Philips innovations continue in 1927 when it first introduced broadcasted music using a short-wave radio. The responses of the radio came from South America, India, Indonesia and Australia. This made them the largest producer of radio and radio lamps in the year 1933.

In 1925, it came up with its test television, which was massively introduced in Eindhoven in 1949.

In 1963, they invented the compact audio tape cassette, which marked the global standard for tape recording since then.

In 1972, the company produced the world's very first video cassette recorder for home use.

In 1983, the company launched the compact disc that improved how the world listened to music. They also sponsored the Dire Straits World Tour in 1985.

In 1998, Philips acquired the ATL ultrasound, which made the company the fastest medical technology company in the world.

In the year 2000, Philips developed its digital versatile disc (DVD) for home use, as well as a power toothbrush which is recommended by many dental professionals.

In 2002, it introduced its HeartStart Home Defibrillator for people suffering cardiac arrest in homes.

In 2004, it developed its CT Scanner. In 2007, the living color lamp was introduced to contain two red lights, one blue light and one green colored light that allowed the lights to be brightened or dimmed.

Philips Healthcare

Philips provides many different healthcare solutions. They offer cost efficient solutions for your diagnosis, treatments, monitoring and management of your health condition. This varies from emergency care, radiation oncology, radiography, x-rays and much more.

Strategic Locations of the Company

Philips headquarters is based in Andover, Massachusetts, USA. Its development and manufacturing sites located abroad are in Best and Heerlen, the Netherlands; Helsinki, Finland; Hamburg and Boblingen in Germany; Shenzhen, China; Minas, Gerais and Sao Paulo in Brazil; and Haifa, Israel.

In the USA, there are strategic offices situated in Bothell and Seattle, Washington; Andover and Framingham, Massachusetts; Latham, New York; Murrysville, Reedsville and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; Gainesville, Melbourne and Orlando, Florida; Cleveland, Ohio; Chicago, Illinois; Milpitas, Oxnard and Brisbane, California; and, Madison and Pewaukee, Wisconsin.

Philips caters to one's health and well-being by innovating various medical appliances and equipment. They top all the world's manufacturers in terms of lighting, lifestyle and healthcare improvements. They have integrated different technologies to improve the quality of life for their customers. And most of all, Philips guarantees to provide customer satisfaction.