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Philips Trim II EKG Machine

MSRP: $4,595.00

OUR PRICE: $4,284.00

You Save: 6.8%

Manufacturer: Philips
Model: Trim II

The Philips Trim II EKG machine is the absolute top of the line in technology and features when it comes to the modern EKG machine. The Philips company, based at Andover, Mass., today furnishes the most advanced EKG machines on the market, popular with medical offices and health facilities worldwide. The easy-to-use, portable, multi-functional Philips Trim II EKG machine displays full electrocardiographs on a high resolution screen. Sold refurbished, accompanied by the renowned Phillips cart, the unit contains an entire array of accessories and warranties. With rapidly rising medical costs, this EKG machine retains maximum resale value and utility.

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