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QRS Universal Electrocardiogram 12 Lead

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QRS Biolog 3000 Portable EKG (6-Channel)

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QRS Biolog Handheld EKG (12-channel)

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The company QRS was established in 1995 with its headquarters in Plymouth, Minnesota. It is actively involved in designing diagnostic and medical devices that are based on high-end, sophisticated software along with USB modules and computer cards. Its designs and technology makes its products cost-efficient and affordable. On an average, the products that are designed and manufactured by QRS cost nearly 25% to maybe even 50% less when compared with traditional devices and products that are currently available on the market.

The company caters to its clients across the globe through a well-established and worldwide network of resellers and product distributors. Clients can also directly order the products of their choice by filling in an online form that is available on the website. A representative of the company contacts interested and potential customers to guide them through the purchase process in their area and they can also be contacted for other related queries and information.

All the medical devices that are manufactured by QRS meet all the international standards of quality and regulatory requirements. These products are approved by the FDA and, in accordance with MDD 93/42/EEC, are CE Marked. One of the salient features that pertain to the quality of the products is that they are also manufactured under a Registered Quality Management System called ISO 13485. These high-end quality checks and certifications ensure that the finest, the most accurate and affordable medical products and equipment are manufactured.

Additionally, QRS products are renowned for their constant updates, feature improvements, and innovative technology. Compliance with all the aforementioned regulatory requirements is the primary goal as the company's focus is on maintaining the effectiveness of its quality system.

Most primary care physicians shy away from performing important and advanced diagnostic procedures such as spirometry and electrocardiography because of the complexity, cost, and size of the traditional devices. One of the best ways for these physicians to lower their overhead, operational costs and increase their revenue share is by offering these tests as in-house medical services instead of referring the patients to other specialists and diagnostic service centers. It also results in faster and easier consultation and more effective communication when the tests are done in the same hospital or medical establishment where the medical practitioner works. These advantages and business strategy have helped QRS, currently ranked as the 26th fastest-growing technology company in Minnesota, move ahead and gain a consistent revenue growth of 23% over the least five years.

The strength and quality of the company's patented medical device technology that is used in its PC and PDA-based streamlined and innovative high-tech medicine empowers providers of health care to deliver the accuracy and speed that is essential for specialists and hospitals. The innovative technology and designs of QRS have greatly simplified the documentation, collection, understanding, interpretation, and communication of concise, clear physiological data, especially for health specialists who practice cardiovascular medicine. Its patented products include Spirocard, Oxicard, Universal ECG, and Office Medic.