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Ritter Medical Equipment was purchased by the manufacturer Midmark Corporation back in 1986 and is now headquartered in Versailles, Ohio. The Midmark Corporation has a long history of name changes dating back from 1915 when it was known first as The Cummings Machine Company; then, in 1921, The Industrial Equipment Company; next, IE Industries in 1967; finally settling on the name Midmark Corporation in 1978. The Midmark headquarters where Ritter Medical Equipment is made is located in Versailles, Ohio. Ritter Medical Equipment can be found at several Midmark locations throughout the world such as Ernee, France, Mumbai, India, and Quattro Castella, Italy.

Ritter Medical Equipment is known for the quality, durability, reliability and dependability of medical tools and equipment. Examination tables from Ritter became a worldwide sensation in the medical field. Equipment for doctors and dentists were also created when Ritter came under the umbrella of Midmark.

Available Ritter medical products include seats, manual examination tables, carts and cabinets, power examination tables, power procedures tables and chairs, casework, instrument processing and lighting.

There are different kinds of stools that doctors might be interested to use. The Ritter line of stools includes adjustable stools, air lift stools, adjustable physician stools, air lift surgeon stools and blood drawing chairs. These are reasonably priced without compromising quality, durability or reliability.

As for the examination tables, there are 2 kinds: manual and power exam tables. The manual examination tables are very stable and can actually support patients who are 400 pounds. The same is true with the power examination tables. The Barrier Free Power examination table is helpful especially for those who cannot use the manual table, like the elderly, pregnant women and persons with disabilities. These power exam tables are very low at a height of 18 inches.

Another type of table from Ritter is the power procedures table. Ritter is famous for the Universal Power Procedures tables and Barrier Free Bariatric Power treatment tables. Both cater to different positioning needs of the patient. Both tables are considered as great investments for hospitals and for those who want to open their own clinics.

The Ritter casework includes waste receptacles with bag retaining rings, instrument panels, dressing nooks, basic exam casework, best value exam room casework, managed care exam room casework, modular casework and the traditional exam room casework. All of these have great aesthetics and functionality.

The UltraClave Automatic Sterilizers from Ritter are very efficient and very effective for medical instruments. Infectious and harmful bacteria will surely be killed with these sterilizers. The largest sterilizer is the M11 which has the biggest autoclaving capacity and is ideal for huge instruments.

To complete the medical tools are lights, which are also important if the doctors want to give an accurate diagnosis and treatment. Ritter boasts of different kinds of lights - incandescent exam lights, halogen exam lights, LED exam lights, minor surgery spotlights and minor surgery lights. These bulbs require low wattage and still maintain the brightness needed by the health practitioners.