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Fukuda Denshi FCP-7101 EKG Machine

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Model: FCP-7101

Brand: Fukuda Denshi

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The Fukuda Denshi FCP-7101 EKG machine uses a 12 LEAD interpretation algorithm to analyze the data. The results are output to an LCD display, which has a large size of 320 by 240 dots. Data can be stored in the internal memory. This EKG machine, which is produced by manufacturer Fukuda Denshi, has an additional mode for monitoring and analyzing short-term arrhythmia.The weight of the Fukuda Denshi FCP-7101 EKG machine is approximately 1.2 kilograms, not including the battery. The dimensions of this EKG machine are approximately 22.5 cm by 18.0 cm by 5.0 cm.

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