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Mortara ELI 230 EKG Machine with AM12 USB Cable


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Model: ELI 230

Brand: Mortara

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Mortara ELI 230 EKG machine offers full size printouts, wireless connectivity options and full diagnostic EKG quality. As one of the main suppliers of medical equipment on the market, Mortara Instrument offers a wide range of products for health care professionals worldwide. This EKG machine is designed for both small medical offices and hospitals.Featuring an ultra portable design, Mortara ELI 230 EKG machine can adapt to nearly any environment. This powerful unit has function buttons that allow you to select print speed, heart rate and other options. The machine offers adult and pediatric programs, and delivers highly accurate results. The standard accessories include a AM12 10-Lead Patient Cable with USB connection, 1 Pack of Paper, 1 Pack of Electrodes (100 Count), 10 Alligator Clips, User Manual and 3-Year Warranty.

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