Burdick Atria 6100 with EMR Connectivity

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Burdick Atria 6100 with EMR Connectivity

MSRP: $5,395.00

OUR PRICE: $5,020.00

You Save: 7%

Manufacturer: Burdick
Model: Atria 6100

Easy to use and designed specifically for cardiology clinics and hospitals as well as medical clinics, the iconic Burdick Atria 6100 with EMR Connectivity eliminates the long and winding paper trail hassles by transmitting directly to computer systems, software and interfaces. The EKG machine is a fully interpretive, state-of-the-art unit with Bluetooth standard along with other accessories and warranty. It retains good re-sale value while also holding up to 300 EKGs with a user-friendly interface and large, full-color monitor. Burdick pioneered US sales of EKG machines and continues to lead the industry in innovation, practicality and continued value.

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