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E80 Digital Portable EKG Machine

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Model: E80

The ECG E80 is a simple, intuitive operation with touch-enabled device with a portable, overturning and folding design.

The E80 has a 12" color LCD Touch Screen with intuitionistic display which displays 12 waveforms synchronously. Built with a waterproof keyboard design with ease to use intuitive QWERTY keyboard design with-multi-function short key. It also supports saving to Internal data, SD card and USB flash disk and transferring data, reviewing data and reanalyzing data. The E80 has 24-bit high-resolution, 1000Hz high- frequency data sampling and 24-bit high-accuracy data saving ensures accuracy of follow-up data analysis.

Standard accessories includes 10 lead ECG Patient Cable, 100 electrodes, 10 alligator clips, 1 lithium ion battery, user manual and 1-year warranty

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